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About us

Morden College, Blackheath

Computer Sharing Centre Ltd is a subsidiary of Computer and People Support Ltd.

Topsites websiteBoth companies strive to make computers accessible and enjoyable to individuals through the system ofComputer Driving™ Instruction together with computer maintenance.

In 2014, Computer Driving Ltd was launched and we have recently successfully trade marked Computer Driving™.

Our Computer Sharing Centre at Morden College, Blackheath was launched in December 2006. Image above: Morden College.

Since that time we have evolved the current systems thus providing a successful and dynamic resource which is much appreciated by the 100+ members of the Centre.

Computer and People Support Ltd:

We are looking forward to expanding the business into other organisations
If you are interested in the services we provide please contact Cherith Hateley on
[email protected]
Telephone 020 7998 1706