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Computer Sharing Centre

Computer Sharing Centre

Easy, fun and one-to-one – learn how to really enjoy going on the internet!
Share an internet-connected computer, so you don’t have to own one yourself!

A Computer Sharing Centre provides its members with an attractive room in a popular area where they can enjoy safe and reliable computers and have one-to-one ComputerDriving® lessons. The lessons enable members to go online with confidence and enthusiasm.

The Computer Sharing Centre is open all day, every day.

Located in retirement villages, members are able to age actively (often doing voluntary work) and many appreciate the convenience and community spirit that the Centre gives.

A weekly surgery ensures that expert support is available to members who request it.

Quarterly presentations bring members together to find out about useful areas like email and internet security, how to save money online and why ‘cloud’ storage is so useful.

A successful Centre has members who help each other when things get complicated, and an atmosphere of learning, community and fun.

The momentum generated by weekly one-to-one lessons ensures that the Computer Sharing Centre is always well serviced and maintained.

Our pricing is very competitive and we have a proven track record of success at our first Centre located at Morden College (a retirement community in London).

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If you have any queries or would like to know more, please contact us on: [email protected]

"Unsupported technology is not useful.
Supported use of technology can be life enhancing."
Telephone 020 7998 1706